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Here at nemesis, we’ve worked towards being boots on ground at origin and in our time, we‘ve continued to grow lasting relationships with our farming partners. In our journey we have been humbled by the process, the people, their livelihoods and legacy. For this, we only feel our role is one of an intermediary. The coffee and it’s quality is paramount but it’s important we step back, remove the product of it and give you the humanity in it that we’ve come to know in hopes of creating a better understanding and work towards achieving a more honest equity amongst all of us.

Coffee has become so much more than what’s in the cup, it’s our commitment to honour these people.

For us, this is coffee creating culture.

Roast Schedule

We collect orders until 11:59 pm on Sunday. We then roast on Mondays and quality control, nitrogen flush, pack and ship on Wednesdays via Canada Post or DHL.

We deliver quality-controlled coffee, packed and nitrogen flushed for every order. This slows down the aging/degrading process so that you can enjoy our coffee for a lot longer. We suggest brewing it after 7-10 days of resting after roast.

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