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Inspired by the Scandinavians, we approach roasts in Nordic style, it’s well developed yet light style to emphasize the variety, terroir and processing method of each coffee. Our wholesale platform is not just a storefront, apart from offering a variety of quality coffees, our main goal as Nemesis is to connect your business with our partners at origin. We want to build purposeful and lasting relationships and have you as a part of this immense project which allows our partners to showcase their unique coffees through your business. 

Inevitably, we are intermediaries, and as such we are emphasizing how imperceptible should our role be as a roaster. What we should be doing together, is to communicate the true value of high quality coffee, the value created through the expertise and dedication of so many people in the coffee supply chain. Therefore, your commitment is thoroughgoing to our partners in every country we work in. We share the risk together.

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